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$1500 per week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How uber drivers making $1500 a week?

Last night was quite. Is anyone made $200 last night
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I don't think there is any excuse for not making $1500 a week if you are using the maximum 84 hours available.
I wouldn't have expected too much from last night, nothing was open after all.
I did very well last Easter, I was going to work this Easter too but when its a quiet Good Friday morning and there are the same amount of ants sitting around waiting that there is in peak hour I figured why bother :frown:

I noticed if i went out ubering all day by the night i would start making mistakes, For example.

I had a double order with a big coke for the second customer, When i dropped the first order i forgot and asked the customer if she ordered the coke, She lied and accepted it.

I then recieved three percent down rating from the next guy for not delivering the coke, He was a surly Korean guy who started yelling at me then i shouldve have checked first.

This was in my 10th hour of delivery and very dark outside.

Australians especially get really shitty when you forget part of there order, One lady slammed the door in my face when the order was short a pizza .

Uber eats is kinda a @@@@@ job, Your serving people and getting rated on your service, If your constantly working all day every day its like people can rate how you are doing as a person, If they dont like your look, smell, Haircut, motobike or your shoes they can down vote you......

Even if they are having a shitty day they can down vote you, Having your career in there hands is a bad idea ..... Always have a skill to fall back on for when Uber eats starts paying third world salary or gets banned like everything else in OZ.
Don't know how anyone could do eats, bad enough driving the assholes around, feed them too?, I'd rather be on the dole.

Go out after 3/4 time at Adelaide Oval this evening. Crows supporters start leaving then.:eek:-o:
Actually thats not a bad tip, I never go to concerts or footy at the end but definately swing by during, you always get people leaving early for one reason or another.
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