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Zero Boost+ This Week

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Not sure if it’s all of us or a select chunk of drivers out there, but this week absolutely zero Boost+ promotions. Zero. Zilch. Perhaps those are over now? It’s sucks because that helped out with gas a lot. Without the boosts I feel Uber isn’t worth driving for with its low rates. Anyone else get zero boost plus offers this week?

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But…. I am 54 hours away from insurance pay out.
You got this! Make sure to do a couple hours over and check the counter at 9pm on the last day and screenshot whenever you surpass the required hours. I missed the upper tier on the very first one by 40 minutes because I didn’t bother to double check the last day! 😂 Long boring story but it was 50/50 on the fault. I still got the lower tier and I abused the unlimited DF hack for 365 days so I think I came out ahead.
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Uber, why fix the hack? Drivers used it to do multiple short rides in a limited area. THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT. This is what you have been trying to get us to do since your inception. Especially at an event you don't particularly want your drivers leaving the area with a longer ride. What the fk is wrong with you?
Hahaha we finally agree on something!
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