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Zero Boost+ This Week

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Not sure if it’s all of us or a select chunk of drivers out there, but this week absolutely zero Boost+ promotions. Zero. Zilch. Perhaps those are over now? It’s sucks because that helped out with gas a lot. Without the boosts I feel Uber isn’t worth driving for with its low rates. Anyone else get zero boost plus offers this week?

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You got this! Make sure to do a couple hours over and check the counter at 9pm on the last day and screenshot whenever you surpass the required hours. I missed the upper tier on the very first one by 40 minutes because I didn’t bother to double check the last day! 😂 Long boring story but it was 50/50 on the fault. I still got the lower tier and I abused the unlimited DF hack for 365 days so I think I came out ahead.
your a moron and paid by uber to troll as cheerleader for uber on this forum.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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