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I'm in the uber lot at PHL and get a ping. I crank the Civic, look both ways and proceed to Arrivals/Baggage Claim. There is stand still traffic from the lot to the baggage area.

Pax (calls): are you lost?

Me: no. There is traffic. Sorry.

Pax: because the app says you're 3 min away.

Me: I'm technically 3 min away but the traffic is stand still, hold tight I'll be there shortly.

Pax: ok. I'll see you in 3 min

Me: well maybe not 3 minutes but in a few minutes

I get there. Baggage claim B.

Pax: where were you?

Me: I know we are at the airport but they wouldn't let me land my hovercraft so I had to settle with battling traffic. Sorry.

Why do I Uber again?!?! I'll be bald after ripping all my hair out dealing with impatient pax.
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