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You like gayboys?

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Picked up a Pax in Cedar Springs area, he asked me if I like gayboys. I said huh? He said oh not me just in general. I said oh I am married. When he got out he said, I was talking about me and proceeded to one star me. :/
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You treat every passenger with respect and 99% of them give you enough respect in return. There's always bad eggs. One of the best parts of this gig is meeting people from all different places, cultures, lifestyles etc. One ride you have a group in Dallas talking about their work with the United Nations and the next ride you have a bunch of who knows what.

I wouldn't worry about any one star if that happens. I just treat my riders with total respect and report to Uber and one star them if they cross the line. A dashcam is always good evidence if needed too.
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