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  • You're spouse or significant other calls and asks you to stop and get a pizza to bring home and you ask them what the "offer" is!
  • A co worker asks you if you like Popeyes Chicken and you answer "no, the tips suck from that place"!
  • You walk into a restaurant with your family and the hostess asks if you're picking up a the DD order!
  • You call home and instead of asking "what time is dinner tonight" you ask "what time will the order be ready"!
  • You walk in to the kitchen at dinnertime and your spouse says dinner won't be ready for another 15 minutes so you report them for being late!
  • Your friend gets in your car and asks what that smell is! Asks where he can get that chicken wing/burger/fries/pizza smelling air freshener!
  • Your relatives come over for dinner and you complain to your friend that the cheap bastards didn't tip after delivering a meal on the table!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts