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People with Disabled License Plates are also doing Uber:confused:

Not cool..

We might be missing limbs, cry ourselves to sleep, wake up screaming, or are shockingly fat..

But we need jobs where we can sit on our lazy As all day...

So to you i say..


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You know it’s bad when a trip from winter park near lee road to the Sanford airport would only make you $10.64, $17.02 if surging up to the current apparent 1.6 cap , while that same ride in a cab this morning was $39 for me, not including the tip. Tip included it was $54. Don’t know how any Uber driver thinks their making money

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Wtf does thos mean?
Handicap! As in, a not an able individual.
What if a one arm bandit is driving you, he skids off the road, he is ok but you are needed help getting out of the car submerging in one of our many ponds.
Now, you need two hands to release seat belt, rider is out cold and drowning, you can release seat belt but how are you gonna swim to shore with your rider?
What do you do one arm bandit?
My thought, handicap people have NO business shuffling people around for hire!

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Meanwhile . . .
At GreenLight hub

If Uber were the Military
Ants would be known as

Used to deplete Enemy Munitions.

" Meat Targets".


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This is the best you can come up with? I'm a dumb ass, I know I've made many grammatical errors.

Keep "treing"!

It's bad when you cannot even get close enough for auto correct to recognize the word.
Keap tryieng*

Itz bawd enuff win yew kant even geat cloze enuff four autoe korekt two recgonize the werd*

Please learn to spell properly. Thank you. :)

You admit to making many grammical errors. Soo.. Focus on your own writing...everyone hates a grammar nazi bra. Like.. If your ONLY contribution to a conversation is.... "Your*" or "theire'ye" or.. "Wtf is does thos mean?"

Perhaps you could think of something that ADDS to the conversation? Not everyone was born in america....most had to learn it as a second languge. Try leaning.. Japanse..or spanish...or something..and see how many grammical errorz your make then bra. Theres some many anagrhamz in american english that is can be easy for many to forget the "proper" spelling. The american languge is constantly changing. And that includes spelling. Maybe 50 years ago it was spelled.. Youre*
But today.. Its leaning towards your*

And there are many other examples. Words dissaper from american english useage. Like...
Ole' or.. Ye' dont use em anymore.
10 more years.. Itll probably be

Yeu'll instead of your. Its just the nature of languge. It changes.. Flows... And moves. Based on what becomes more popular.that includez the spelling of words

Heck.. Look at eubonics. Its still in use in large communites in new york. And other cities. It came out of youth developing there own languge. Like piglatin. Lol.
Excapt...eubinics stuck and became very popular. Its like.. Its american..its elngish.. But i cant underatand what there saying :)

Nature of languge... It evolves
... Ebbs and flows.

Dont be a rock. Rocks only divide the waters of languge.
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