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POST # 1/Micmac: Thank You for this Hyperlinked Video
and News Story from Not-so-Jolly-Ol'Eng-
land. JEEPERS! Missed the Video on 1st
Pass: "Operation Timed Out" on 2nd...sigh.

More Importantly You are following in the
Tradition of "NewsMeister" & #1 Notable
chi1cabby, who, over 14 months ago be-
gan a 46 Week × 15 News Threads/day Mar-
athon that has Made UPNF the World's Lea-
der as Home for Those who Thirst for Infor-
mation about the A-B TNC Experience, in
general, and the Global Menace that is
#Travis K. Whatapr••k's Antipersonnel LLC, specifically.

Bombastic Bison takes a Breather!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts