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Yo! (LadyUber2)

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Hi friends. ;D

This is your friendly driver support...but not at Uber.

Years ago I was tempted to come in and be of assistance (while at Uber) but I was pretty sure that it was a bad idea at the time. This is not because I planned to say anything bad or to divulge any of Uber's secrets but because of the sensitivity of all the [often paid] rhetoric, and back-and-forth fights regarding the company.

It's been a while though, and I see people are resurrecting LadyUber's threads years late.

That sucks--nobody's answering (I actually know why, FROM LadyUber since I know that person).

So I figure I'd pitch-in. Will you forgive me that I don't drive for Uber? (I'm not technically allowed as a former support guy--I guess they think it gives us mysterious powers/an advantage.)
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A little support can be a good thing. Welcome!
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