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Yo! (LadyUber2)

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Hi friends. ;D

This is your friendly driver support...but not at Uber.

Years ago I was tempted to come in and be of assistance (while at Uber) but I was pretty sure that it was a bad idea at the time. This is not because I planned to say anything bad or to divulge any of Uber's secrets but because of the sensitivity of all the [often paid] rhetoric, and back-and-forth fights regarding the company.

It's been a while though, and I see people are resurrecting LadyUber's threads years late.

That sucks--nobody's answering (I actually know why, FROM LadyUber since I know that person).

So I figure I'd pitch-in. Will you forgive me that I don't drive for Uber? (I'm not technically allowed as a former support guy--I guess they think it gives us mysterious powers/an advantage.)
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Well considering we have no idea who you are, or if you really speak for her, or if you really worked for Uber, it will be hard to give you any credibility.
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