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Uber's catch phrase for any incidents involving Rider's or Driver's safety used to be "Safety is Our #1 Priority".
Back in January 2015, Uber instituted a Code Of Conduct for Drivers & Riders:
Uber Gives out my personal number..
Uber sent out an email informing Drivers about it in May after publication of this article by ETK:
The gap at the app: Uber's practices fall short of written policy

Uber's written policies say that it "may provide to a third party any information" about a driver in case of an accident, dispute or conflict with a customer. But there is no analogous language explaining when rider information can be disclosed, and Uber drivers across the country say the corporation applies a double standard.

A woman driver in San Francisco told BuzzFeed that Uber offered no assistance when she felt threatened by a male passenger: He'd left his phone in her car, then improperly used the app's messaging and "lost and found" features to harass her and show up drunk at her home.

Uber says it "disclose data to law enforcement when we determine that we are required to do so by law." However, according to a blogger and driver in London (who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution), Uber does not readily provide customer information to the police. After a woman passenger physically assaulted this driver and called him racial slurs, he asked Uber for her name in order to file a criminal complaint. When the corporation refused to do so without a police order, the driver had local law enforcement officials submit a request - but after "weaponization" of Yelp restaurant ratings.

But to date, Uber has Not even emailed Riders it's Code Of Conduct!!
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