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I am going to buy a dashcam. Since I am driving full time I believe it would be a great investment for many reasons. I want a dual one with night vision of course.

I have been researching and watching videos and it is down to the Falcon 360 or the BlackVue DR650S‑2CH‑IR. I know there is a VAST difference in price so please leave out cost.

The Falcon seems to be recommended but videos show the footage can be blurry and the sound muted. I want something I can see a license plate with--either day or night.

The BlackVue seems to be a better camera, but I have read reviews of condensation collecting.

Another thing to keep in mind is that I also want to record scenery. So if I am in a nice place or go on a trip I can take the footage.

A few specs: I live in San Antonio, TX and only drive until about 8pm at night (the crazies come out after that, and the drunks and I don't do either).

So suggestions? And if not either of these, maybe another brand?
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