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XLs: do you keep max seating capacity, or ditch one of the seats for easy access?

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Please discuss
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Explorer only seats 2 in the 3rd row?

Damn an Explorer on Select, god the Atlanta Select market would be so saturated if they allowed that....

I'd always wondered if anyone has ever taken the 40% of a 60/40 split second row off. That still leaves 2 seats in the second row but allows for easy access to the third row, assuming the 3rd row accommodates 3. If there's a 6th, they sit up front. It'd be like large passenger vans that have shorter second row so people can pass to the rear rows easier without having to fold down seats.
Pulled middle seat of middle row for the weekend (now 2 + 2 + 3, straight aisle all the way from windshield to third row down the middle)

Will update y'all on how that goes
Pics? Youre talking about removing the 40 in the 40/60 2rd row right?
I think that's the right move, that's what I would do if I drove XL. Interesting that your 2nd row is 3 separate seats that can be removed rather than 40/60, but if I had a 40/60 I wouldn't hesitate to remove the 40. That'd be so much easier for everyone, even if you don't uber full time. Unless you NEED all those seats when not Ubering, there's no reason why you wouldn't just remove the 40 and keep it in the garage. It can be to difficult to remove and reinstall if needed.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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