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XLs: do you keep max seating capacity, or ditch one of the seats for easy access?

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15 Honda Pilot here. No choice but to be 2+3+3. I can't take anything out. And boy I'm so tired of trying to explain to drunk kids (I only work weekends)
how to move the 2nd row to access the 3rd row. I end up getting out and flipping the seat forward for them, because they are too stupid or too drunk to understand the lever. Most of my XL calls are kids that have 6-8 passengers... I tell them I can take 7 no more...
I seriously doubt that.

ALL seats in ALL vehicles are bolted to the floor and can be un-bolted

...or do you mean your 2nd row is a bench that's either all-in or all-out?
Obviously all seats are bolted to the floorboards. But MY 15 Honda Pilot has bench seats in both 2nd and 3rd row. The 2nd row is a 60/40 split. and the 3rd row Only folds down to make it a cargo area. I'm well aware how to take a seat out of a car. I just don't think its worth the hassle just for my "side gig".
If I did this full time? maybe... But for the 10-20 times a Saturday night I do XL? ill stretch my legs and get out and slide the 2nd row forward for them... Don't you dare climb all over my leather.
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No it does not.... Slide forward and back... No flip... haha

for $42K the damn thing should though!!
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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