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XLs: do you keep max seating capacity, or ditch one of the seats for easy access?

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I'd like to know this too, just bought an Explorer that is XL and Select but it's got 2nd row captain. I haven't done any rides yet but I'm wondering how often I'll have to turn a 6 pax trip. I only work part time and only during the day so I'm guessing not much
I like the idea of easy access to the 3rd row instead of having to flip the seats
Wait, you only have 2+2+2 seating?

Careful, you could get kicked off XL if someone complains...

My expedition is 2+3+3, and column shift at that... based on the convenience of second row access from front, I was considering converting it to 2+2+3, so I have an aisle all the way to the rear...

Also, some punk puked in the third row last week, and I *MISSED* it...and got the pleasure of having to apologize to the next pax who found the mess.
Damn that sucks.
Yeah I have a the captain chairs in the second row and then the standard auto jump seats in the 3rd

When I added the Explorer they automatically added but to Select and XL. I'm keeping an eye out for a matching second row 3 seat setup. But u have a the two tone Black and brown leather so it might be awhile
I only do about 10 rides a week so calling calling my COUPLE XL requests won't be to hard. Plus talking to XL drivers that work the times I do, say they've gone months with out six paxs usually they only get 6 working evenings / night which I don't do, I'm a morning driver
Explorer only seats 2 in the 3rd row?

Damn an Explorer on Select, god the Atlanta Select market would be so saturated if they allowed that....

I'd always wondered if anyone has ever taken the 40% of a 60/40 split second row off. That still leaves 2 seats in the second row but allows for easy access to the third row, assuming the 3rd row accommodates 3. If there's a 6th, they sit up front. It'd be like large passenger vans that have shorter second row so people can pass to the rear rows easier without having to fold down seats.
They have 2 options on the newer explorer 2nd row captain chairs (with or without center console) or a standard 3 seat bench that's a 2/3 and 1/3 split . The back row only has two seats .

The Denver select market is kind of a joke not gonna lie , I have a 2007 BMW 335 and a 2015 VW Passat all of them are on select also , just picked up the Explorer and it's XL/Select . If I was full time I'd probably just buy the bench 2nd row (I've seen them in the matching leather for a couple hundred bucks and the Captains chairs are worth more so I'd actually make more on it lol) but since I only do a a dozen or so rides a week I'd rather just have to cancel on a couple XLs a month . Most XL drivers in Denver say day time driving rarely gets a 6 pax call usually it's 3 or 4 with a lot of luggage or someone that just wants a bigger car . So I can fit 5 legally and I have no plans on letting people squeeze a 6th , I'll probably just call each XL request and ask how many passengers ahead of time , I don't even like when I have groups over 2 let alone 6 so it's good for me

Crazy thing is that my Explorer is actually eligible for Uber Black and SUV too , but I'm not gonna jump through the hops for that .
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I actually meant going from 8 seats to 7 (7 to 6 pax)...
If that's the case then YES . UberXL/Lyft Plus is for 6 PAX not 7
So far my XL experience hasn't seen more then 3 pax , a few XL request have been for just one or two people . I only have about 7 XL / Plus rides under my belt but so far my being 1 seat short hasn't even come close to being an issue. I'm installing a cargo carrier on top of my vehicle too so if I do get a 5 pax ride with a lot of luggage I'll still be in good shape since I could probably only do 2 large suit cases and 3 carry ons if I had to sit 5 people

The majority of my XL rides have just been people with Skiis/Snowboards or just a ton of luggage
Wow....sorry to hear that.

Sounds like the Denver XL market is really underdeveloped.

We have plenty of Lyft Plus and UberXL in OC & LA... mostly groups of 3-6, though I have seen 7 and even 8, but also the occasional 1 (extremely tall men; women concerned about safety during rainstorms and specifically saying they decided to order a 4x4 just in case) or 2 (generally, guys who hoped to pick up some chicks on their way home from a party but struck out; or couples with luggage on airport runs)
I should have said I've only done about 15 rides total since starting xl even split between xl and select and then 2 regular x rides. I only work part time
XL should be better than Select if you do nights... see if you can get a switchable account to lock you OUT of select pings at will

Wouldn't want to do base rate select sitting in 4.0 surge

PS I'm assuming Colorado does it like California, where XL surges in tandem with X surge
Yes it does surge x and xl the same but only do mornings no nights. 90% of my rides are Airport rides. I usually 8am to about 11am a few days a week
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