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No surge on XL all night while everything else was blowing up?!?! Cost me a lot tonight. Uber says they are working on it. I didn't pick up a soul after 1am. My loss but damn if I didn't get 5 XL requests in a row when I turned on the app at 2am and canceled each one and went home. Not worth it.
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XL vehicles have to seat 6 people.
XL rarely surges except maybe during special events.

It's been pretty common that 1-2am are pretty dead as people finish up drinking and aren't moving around much.
Last time I worked that shift I had zero jobs and 6 cancels between 1-2am.
Surge after 2am is becoming less and less as more drivers flood the city.
Last night i had a passenger bring in her 5 friends but it was considered an X and not an XL ride. Do i need to notify support? Since i was only paid an Uber X rate
Yes if your vehicle is an XL.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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