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I currently have my account setup so I can only receive XL requests if I choose. Am I able to do XL only pickups at Sky Harbor? Is there a completely different queue for it? If so, what's the average wait time for requests?

I did UberX there last night from 7-10pm. 6 rides = $78. Which seems pretty good, but I know I could do much better doing only XL.
I would like to know how many miles you drove for $78. I did a little rough math and to make $78 at 80 cents/mile is 97.5 miles then you deadhead back to the airport and deadhead home. So I figured you drove 200 miles for $78. If your cost to operate is at 25 cents/mile then for 200 miles your operating cost is $50. You actually made $28 in three hours.

Your driving a xl vehicle so your cost to operate might be 40 cents/mile. In this case you just lost $2 in three hours of work. My miles estimate and my cost estimate might be off but they're in the ball park. Something to think about.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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