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I have a feeling it's all relative to where you live and what you drive most. When I used to work in Westminster, 120th and Huron was the absolute worst, especially right at rush hour. You'd get people who would pull into the intersection while it was green, it'd turn red but they had no way to go, so the next cycle would go and those people couldn't get through so at the last minute, once the car actually moved, they'd all floor it, and a few of them would get stuck in the intersection as well, and the cycle just went on and on. All it would take is for people to obey the laws and unwritten rules (don't pull into the intersection unless you are sure you'll make it through) but every, damn, day... for like 8 years... same crap.
I'm sure there are plenty of intersections just like it...
1 - 1 of 42 Posts
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