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Worst Intersection In The Metro?

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Which do you avoid at all cost?

Colfax at 225 during rush hour. You'll get trapped for a good 45mins. Time to think of your mistake.
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I have a feeling it's all relative to where you live and what you drive most. When I used to work in Westminster, 120th and Huron was the absolute worst, especially right at rush hour. You'd get people who would pull into the intersection while it was green, it'd turn red but they had no way to go, so the next cycle would go and those people couldn't get through so at the last minute, once the car actually moved, they'd all floor it, and a few of them would get stuck in the intersection as well, and the cycle just went on and on. All it would take is for people to obey the laws and unwritten rules (don't pull into the intersection unless you are sure you'll make it through) but every, damn, day... for like 8 years... same crap.
I'm sure there are plenty of intersections just like it...
Actually, you can get a ticket for blocking the intersection. Also for running a red light. One car is able to enter the intersection, for example to turn left, and they have to clear out before other vehicles can proceed into the intersection. If a yellow light turns red and there's 2 cars trying to turn left, the 1st is legal but the 2nd car can get a ticket for running a red light. They can't enter the intersection until the first car has cleared it
I'm waiting to see if I get a photo-ticket from 6th on to SE Speer. The car in front of me slowed almost to a stop as they were exiting the intersection (with no one in front of them). It almost seemed like they did it on purpose. I didn't know till then about the photo-ticketing, there.
Whaaat? Are you new to town? LOL JK that's the biggest intersection know when to have those. Was the light red when you entered the intersection or yellow? Also be careful, those cameras will also issue tickets if you are stopped in the crosswalk
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The light had just turned yellow as I entered - I'm not sure I could have stopped, anyway.

I saw another one, just the other day, but I can't remember where it is! Greenwood Village?
Yep, Belleview and Quebec. There's also one in Stapleton, on Quebec and 35th or 36(ish) ? If you entered the intersection when it was yellow, you should be fine. If you entered it when it was red or if you come to a stop in crosswalk, is when you'll get a ticket. Good news is, it does not affect your points. Paying the money, still sucks but it does not affect your points on your license at all
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Unless they actually serve you in person, just toss photo radar tickets in the trash.
I realize the law states that it has to be served in person, but somehow the state keeps sending the tickets and adds late fees. They even send it to collections,I believe. So what do we do? It's frustrating.
I am terrified of this thought...

Anyone remember "T-Rex"? That took a decade from my memory...
Oh boy do I ever. Besides my apartment, in the tech center, overlooked the project, I also somehow managed to drive down it one night, while it was closed, between Santa Fe and Hampden :oops:
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Any intersection where I am in the opposite turn lane I need to be in when that ping comes in..
Are you back on the road yet BobCat Ridge?
No, PT starts Monday. Entering the vehicle right now is a reverse 180 spin with the right leg going in first, rotate to the right 180 and slide in. This sucks, let me tell you.

Appreciate and cherish your mobility ....
Ummmm . . . Yeah I think I'm going to need a video of that
LMFAO well aren't we some clever and creative Uber drivers today? LOL I like this new Vibe we got going on here boys:D
Hampden through Englewood by old Cinderella City (that's between Sante Fe and Broadway for all you greenhorns) during rush hour is bad. Like ski traffic bad.

I got divorced right when Trex broke ground. I moved near the Englewood light rail station and thankfully missed out on that mess. Make that two messes.

The I70 project is LONG overdue. That raised section is the very definition of dilapidated.
I agree! Although that is not necessarily an intersection. it's more of a worst Street LoLI live on Hampden and University and I refuse to leave my house between 4 and 6 because you cannot get east or west on Hampden. from Santa Fe to I-25 it is ridiculous!
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