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Some nights I sit outside a fast food restaurant mainly because I want to much off their strong wi-fi signal. They close at 11 inside and the drive thru is open all night.

Plenty of bares and hotels near by and I see multiple people walk up and try to get inside, than they walk up to the drive thru where they are turned away because they have to be in a car. Not sure if law or policy.

So last night I get a ping from one of them and I tell them I don't do drive thru's because I loose money sitting in line. They offer $20 and I say get on in. Go through and order and they even offer to get me food. I settle just for a drink. Minimum fare trip plus $20, never leave the parking lot.

A few minutes later here comes someone else, after getting turned away at the drive thru window I offer my services. Bingo, another Minimum fare trip and $20. This time I took the across the street to their resort 200 yards.

Scored one more drive thru run about 10 minutes later, same deal, never left the parking lot.

Planed on working it for a while but I got a 14 mile comfort ride that I could not pass up.

Next weekend if it is slow I'll work the drive thru angle again to see if it pays off.
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