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The passenger pickup was at Gate J at the Austin International Airport; the time was about 4:20 PM. We headed out of the airport and as we approached the bottleneck at 71 we noted the heavy commuter traffic heading east toward Bastrop. Last airport run of the day, I was thinking.

After dropping off my passengers at the Westin downtown, I headed up Trinity. Traffic was like a parking lot. All I wanted to do was get out of there and go home and walk the dog. As I sat in line at the cluster fu*k between the Irwin Center and the football stadium, on a hunch, I decided to head out MLK to 973 and then over to 71 for one last airport run. I was just feeling lucky.

Traffic was light in the piney backwoods so I was able to make good time. MLK is a straight shot out to the lake and past the prison. As I cruised down past the old quarry, I saw three planes heading in for a landing at the airport. Probably upwards of 500 passengers.

As I rolled around the Cardinal Loop, I checked out the competition. Not a single Uber or Lyft car to be seen. I checked the Uber rider app: nada. One black car parked at the Circle K, the driver apparently asleep at the wheel. Go figure.

As I approached secret staging area, PING! Pickup at Gate G. It was my lucky day.

So, I got the pax, threw the bags in the trunk; hit the start and navigate buttons on my phone and noted the address: Cedar Park. It was about 5:35 PM. As we headed out Presidential Blvd, the passenger asked if we could take the 130 out to 45 and then over to 183. The Chrysler 300 works best at speeds above 80. LoL!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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