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A Woman in India Gave Birth in an Uber, So Guess What She Called Her Baby?
2:18 AM ET
name her newborn son Uber after giving birth to him in one of the ride-sharing company's taxis in New Delhi en route to the hospital.

The woman, named Babli, ordered a cab using Uber's globally popular app on Saturday when her calls for an ambulance went unanswered, reports the Times of India.

She was accompanied by two other women, who helped deliver the baby along with the driver when it became too late to reach the hospital.

"The woman was writhing in pain and her friends did not know what to do," the driver Shahnawaz told the Times. "The child was born within minutes and I was really happy to see that he was responding," he added.

Granted the honor of naming the baby after his heroic actions - which included rushing the mother to the hospital immediately after the birth and personally carrying her in on a stretcher - Shahnawaz naturally chose his employer: Uber.
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