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Woman ejected from driver's seat, bleeding and laying on the asphalt

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101 South near Vermont Street. Left three lanes not moving as other motorists aren't sure whether to keep driving or offer help. Black woman laying on the asphalt about 10 feet from her car, bleeding and squirming around in apparent agony.

Looks like her car hit the center median, or something, head-on. Front bumper and parts were near the median, and her car spun around almost a 180, taking up the middle two lanes.

With that many other drivers there, I'm not sure what I could do to offer help, so I just kept moving.

@Robert Larrison would say it's fake news. Go take a look for yourself.

If I had to take a wild, wild guess out of the blue, considering the nonexistent traffic especially at this time of the night, I would guess she was speeding, texting and got in an accident by herself.

Feeling like a mobile news reporter... since all you lazy asses are sitting at home not driving. Made over $130 since getting into the city at 6:30 p.m., plus a $27 DF on the way here from the i-80. Almost $160 for a few hours. Only doing Uber X and comfort while on DF during commute. Otherwise, I don't even turn the Uber/Lyft app on after hitting the Bay bridge. Sold a box of lab glassware for $100 on Craigslist while in Sacramento too. The ones I tried giving away for free here. Still have a few boxes left.

Was so busy didn't have a chance to eat. Wanted to go to Safeway to get some salads but all the Safeway's close at 10pm now. So got the next best thing, a Double-double with grilled onions for dinner.

Stay safe everyone; and don't text and drive. I'm very guilty of it and been in some close calls more than a couple times.

Cool story, have fun getting sick
Hope the person is ok
I'm not a frail, scared, or risk averse being. If you think "getting sick" is going to stop me from doing something, you're talking to the wrong person.

Stay home and collect your handouts. Real men don't make excuses and aren't scared to do what it takes to take care of responsibilities and obligations.

His shrimp boat is his home
Shrimpin' ain't easy 🦐🍤

Sad, hopefully they are ok. Ware a mask. Don't forget to drink a Corona with lime when you get home.
Hate that stuff. I remember when I was a youngin' and didn't know a thing about beer and drank to get drunk, I drank it because the clear bottle looked 'premium'. LOL


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Sad, hopefully they are ok. Ware a mask. Don’t forget to drink a Corona with lime when you get home.
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