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Woke up like it was 6am but NO it was 6pm :(

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What should I expect guys?? 馃槒馃
Just put in gas...
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Misleading surges, glitchy app, headaches... you know the usual
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The glitchy app + misleading surges are a blessing in disguise...
You actually get pings when its actually surging now...
I like it...

If they order SUV and the trip shows me triple digits, ill be like this bus driver...
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Idk man, I was just in a surge area and didnt get a ride. The only reason I knew I was in a surge area was because I was on my uber rider app and is was 20 bucks more than the regular cost. It didnt surge on the driver app btw.. freaking crazy SMH
This will help us get more rides in the long run imo.
Because a lot of drivers won't see surge so might go offline while we wait for a 🦄.

What city u at?
Silver lake around 11:15pm.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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