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Why The Uber Brand Is Not In Crisis

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The 9-year-old company will have to wear big girl pants and act like the $70 billion community it has become. Claims of sexual harassment, discrimination, and equal wages will need to be managed. This will have to be more than a thought experiment. Once that has been accomplished, the Uber origin story must be tweaked, the words they use internally must mature, rites of passage, processes and "the way we do things" must transform synchronously as the upper, middle and lower leadership evolves.

Most importantly, as Jeff Jones' exit remark perhaps suggests, at its core, Uber does not believe in itself.

While vision, purpose, and mission need to resonate first in the driver's seat at Uber headquarters on Market Street, it must also be relatable for Uber drivers worldwide.

Reason? While Uber ride-sharing has found a significant position in the gig economy, it will have to re-examine its role and responsibilities toward its drivers. The company will have to understand exactly why drivers opt-in to the Uber community and what things they celebrate. This will probably have to extend beyond passing such responsibility (including tipping) on to Uber users.

Why is this important? Because if Uber drivers don't believe in Uber, then no one will.
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The Lyft co-founders are at it again. This past weekend, John Zimmer and LoganGreen were back in the front seat helping passengers get around. Both will get behind the wheel monthly to help deepen our understanding of your experience - both in the car, and in the app.

So, sit a mile on my car is seat covers - Dara - and drive in FiDi at rush hour!
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