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Why stay online at a concert with no surge

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There's at least 20 drivers logged on at shoreline for keith urban even before surge started ..
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Get off line and come chill at 711 until 3x fools
I did the Giants game Tuesday, ran into a driver as I was waiting for the surge to build.

I asked him what number he was looking for, he said 2x.

He asked me what the surge was, I said 1.8.

He said his app doesn't show the surge. I thought great, another version of the pax app is out with no surge indicator. He showed me his screen.........it was the partner app.

I immediately drove away.
And I know it's been brought up before but wtf is up with the partner app not showing surge in the city? It shows up in every other bay area town except SF. So convenient. What a hassle to always turn to the rider app. I need 2 phones.
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Think it's a server load issue. It shows at times when driver count is low.

Server overloads, doesn't respond to app, app defaults to no surge
Idk man, it's just too coincidental the lack of functionality in only one of 2 regions in the whole bay area, the other one being the north bay. Maybe the higher demand and higher rates have something to do with it.

I agree, at the end of the day, it's always a server issue, but if theres a low count of drivers on the city streets, that's less drivers hogging the server. I'm sure the servers are dedictated to different parts of the operation, those for active rides and those for seeking drivers. That part makes no sense.

I'm sure the majority of drivers are doing guaranteed hours anyways, but there's always surge to be found in the city.
I just don't get why anyone would pick up at a event with no surge . I would go crazy if someone puked in my car at South Bay normal rates . It's like driving uber India pool at normal rates ... no thanks
There's always the unknown with a concert or sporting event. Unless you're listening to the game or know someone attending a concert, timing is everything.

I've regretted not picking up a fare in the top of the 9th only to have the game go to extra innings. And unless you can guarantee a short fare before a concert let's out, that's money you could have made instead of waiting for the surge.

But I'm not gonna take a 1x when I can get a 3x by waiting 10 min. It's all a game at the end of the day.
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Right now, 1:53am surge is showing on the drivers app. (2.4x and I just went online)

It did a little in ninth inning as people started leaving AT&T, then it stopped.

At 5pm it never shows. Lots more drivers
Yes, today would be a great example. It did not show at 5pm on my end either. But the surge at 6pm was incredible, I spotted 3.5 in soma (3.7 off the coast, but come on, who are they kidding) and it was consistent for me well into the 8 'o'clock hour. Not enough cars showing on the pax app eventhough it was rush hour. Less cars, servers were able to display surge.

Giants game tonight, yes the surge disappeared in the middle of the 9th, and reappeared about 5 min after the game let out. Started at 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 2.2, 2.1 (I went online at 2.1). Surge was not showing on partner app. Why? Because the amount of cars available was still high, the surge was localized in soma, but there were still cars available in fidi.

Although, there's times when surge doesn't show and I'll restart the partner app, and wala. But if I continue to zoom in or move the map around, I lose the surge signal again. I don't have this problem with lyft btw (but lyft has problems of its own with so called mini surges than never appear on the map. I spotted a 200% in mountain view that would not show on the map).

It seems the surge shows when there are less cars available. That's why the 2am surge shows consistently for me, not enough cars overloading servers.

But it's just a theory.
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THis is all due to your network speeds and data connection. THe busier the networks are the slower everything runs. Your phone is just querying a server for fresh surge data to display, sometimes it cna't get the data fast enough and you need to stop moving the screen around and let it download or physically move to a spot with a better signal.
I monitor my signal at all times using LTE Discovery, thanks to a tip from Adieu. Even why my signal is at full strength in the 60's or 70's, surge is still absent on the app.

I've waited over an hour by not moving the map around and it still won't show, despite showing the surge in every other city around the bay.

It's just too much of a coincidence for it not to work properly for the city.
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Full strength is ~43
Signal must be weak in the bay area. I've never seen it below 62, no matter where in the bay I am.
It'll boil down to a specific parking spot, facing a specific direction
Hmmmmm. With a clear line of sight to a cell tower I presume? I'll give it a whirl, thanks
Your looking at old data. Your not getting a a solid data connection in most of these situations. The bars are not representative of your data connection. You can have four bars and zero data. your LTE is having to switch to slower speed networks when it loses a LTE connection so it can get stuck not finding a network.
I'm not sure I buy this because even on wifi at home, I have the same sporadic behavior
i dunno, ditch the phone. is it a iPhone? those things are worthless anyway
Android. I'm getting an iPhone as a secondary just because luber has distinct features available on each platform it seems.
Wouldn't know, haven't consciously seen a cell tower in my life.
I've seen them on the way to Lake Tahoe of all places, but everything is artificially disguised to look like a tree. You can see your signal strength getting stronger as you approach and weaken as you drive away.
If you have any interest in an IPhone 5s, let me know. I have a 4 and 5s sitting here since I got my 6s and will be listing the 5s for sale soon. It works great and had I not had the option of a 2nd free 6s promo recently I would probably still be using it!
Thanks but after using a 5.5" screen, I don't think I could go back to 4" lol, huge difference. I'm sure you wouldn't go back either.

I'm contemplating a small tablet but my iPad 4G was stolen earlier this year in Las Vegas during a trip. Don't know if it's worthwhile to upgrade to such a big screen.

Seems like a hassle if it'll block radio or climate control functions. When I see other drivers with tablets I just assume they have less than ideal vision, it which case it's a great option.
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