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Why do you rideshare

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I'm in lancaster pa and new to ridesharing. I mostly read forum's. I don't usually post because I'm sure what I'm writing has been written already.

I'll be as civil as I can and I hope you will too. My question comes from an observation, many people on this forum seem to think that their experience with UBUR is identical to everyone else's. I would believe them too if it whern't for the fact that I am my own man. Please don't misunderstand me, I enjoy a good intelligent debate too but texted comunication is by far the most inefficient type. When I hear over-the-top claims like UBUR IS REALLY BAD or UBUR IS REALLY GOOD I take it with a grain of salt.
It just sounds too much like shorting or calling the market. Me on the other hand, when I started driving with UBUR I had one rule and one goal and so far it's been very copeisetic. I don't get greedy and I don't get tired. That being said, it's not all cake and ice cream. UBUR has sent a ratings warning for my rookie-Ness.

Anyway this has gotten a lot longer then I thought it would so Pease and drive safe:cool:.
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