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They never do anything to benefit drivers. And are always doing shadey $h*t.

Why can't they just pay a whole $5 for a no show fee or cancel!? No they have to take their commission and steal from us.

Give us $2 cancel fee, well guess what pax really paid $5 and we have to pay commission on $2. Screwed again by Uber.

Pax orders a ride. You're having a crap day and after a minute you decide to cancel, order gets pushed to next driver. Pax decides after a couple minutes new driver is too far and decides to cancel. They pay $5 cancel fee. New driver get none of it. Screwed by Uber again.

Then you have to fight with support over getting paid. All these little ways Uber continues to intentionally mess with us and steal is why I hate Uber.
Agreed..unfortunately you are right.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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