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Who's using an electric car or suv out here?

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I've been thinking about investing in a Nissan leaf I know they have the extended version coming out soon anyone out there have any good feedback on electric cars for rideshare.?
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please do not spend more then 8-10k on a car for rideshare....u will not get more tips or a better rating or more surge. I bought my 13 sonata for $10,100 with 60k miles in 2015 and it has now 185k and still going. it was registered to tlc for the first 2 years and now I'm here as a jersey driver. once the trans or motor goes, its either a used high mileage Lincoln MKT or ford explore. if I cant find a decent one, its a sonata, fusion or canary.....

but DO NOT, I repeat...DO NOT spend over 10k on a car for uber. I see guys with 3-4k cars out here......rates are the same
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