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middle aged women almost always tip I feel. the few that haven't were low rated and clearly jaded to the uber game. I think for older women they still associate cash tips with 'taxi' rides, great.

other drivers. always a surprise. usually a 5$ tip on a min fare.

a few older men that were going to an event, i.e having a big 'night out', and don't use uber a ton.

but thats just uber. on lyft I like to read my pay summary, its interesting to see the tips and remember the ride. pool/line users RARELY tip. I have noticed that a good conversation often yields a tip, only on lyft, even 5$ line rides, 2$ tip. I get a surprising amount of those.

I have had the largest tips from young gay men. only on lyft, typically involving a friendly convo.

best tip was a 5$ line ride, 1 mile, friendly banter with a berkeley students parents that were visiting from england. gave me a 20, sweet.

young hipsters, male or female, almost never tip. can be the most annoying pax as well. and exclusively use line.

I've noticed that it pays to chat up business travelers using lyft. they are often expensing these rides and aren't afraid to tip 5+.

non american asians NEVER tip. lol
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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