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Who’s gonna win the Premier League?

  • Pep City

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  • Mourinho U

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  • Liverpuddle

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  • Chalksea

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Arsenal fan but City will win it again, Pool have a 30% chance, the others don't have a chance. This is how I predicted it to be before the season.

1. city
2. Pool
3. Chelski
4. 4senal
5. spuds
6. Manure

Best thing about this season so far has been united's Downfall. Hope Mourinho stays forever.
I picked Spuds as a fantasy kind of thing, but I could see the Gunners surprising people this year, esp if they spend some of that loot in Jan. I lived just off Plumstead Common in the late 70's, (so much to answer for). ;)
Had to laugh at the Chelsea fans singing foff Mourinho after his bit of "hold me back" with their trainer last weekend.

Or they can fire Mou and Give this man the job
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Oh how we miss the granny coat.
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