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Which Uber Trade Dress Did You Start Driving With?


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Can't be a seat. Has to be an A$$ Gasket. And it's not doing it's job.

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started with toilet seat. refused to add travis seat. what was that? backwards C? U that fell over? someone got PAID for that!
Actually, the toilet paper logo was Travis's "brilliant" idea. He had this whole ridiculous concept about "the bit" and how the new branding represented that.

It gets better.

Kalanick apparently didn't communicate or consult with anyone in their creative services department about this. It irked just about everyone and market testing proved that nearly everyone thought it was a terrible design, especially the driver logo, which is synonymous with the brand since almost no one recognized the rider logo.

It gets even better.

Two weeks after the release of the new branding Uber's lead graphic designer and creative professional quit.

Better still.

I saw some drivers who modified the new logo to make it look exactly like toilet paper mounted on the spool.

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I will admit it is a really weird way to come out of the closet, but at least what everyone was thinking is now confirmed to be true.
lol Im not coming out of a closet. I just wanted to make a Funny pic that did two things, answered his question, " being a toilet seat logo" and just being a Funny Pic with a camera using his image cause he made the post. maybe i should've just edited the close up pic out and left it at the Toilet smh
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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