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Where is the Surge? Friday night and it's over quickly?

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Tough Friday out there, surge came on around 1:30 and ended around 2:20 in the prime downtown Dallas areas. I thought I caught one at 215 am, but checked the waybill and it was an Uber VIP that got me at regular price. Should have cancelled, but figured it would be in my best interest to just do the ride. I had cancelled a few earlier and was even put in the 2 minute penalty box. I am very disappointed with the $25 bucks I made in the last 2 hours. I had two trips up the tollway and back downtown and Uber left out the tolls on both! I netted $4.50 x 2 $9 and without the toll reimbursement I would have gotten $6 bucks for a 30 minute excursion. Uber is getting worse by the day.
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Surge is a thing of the past, so many drivers, riders complaining, national media downing uber for using surge. .

The market is flooded with people that drive base fare..as long as that's happening it will not surge.
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Agreed, I can see the pax face now..
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