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When NOT living in CORE!

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Ok everyone. I don't live in core so that's strike one for me driving to LA from LBC! Secondly, I do have this question, for those who DON'T live in core, do you drive and stay all day, wait for a ride to take you there, or support your home city.

I'm torn between LA and OC! I love my LBC peeps but Driving 30 mins in either direction on maybe's is starting to get redundant. The traffic out of LB to LA is Earth shattering.
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You lazy bastard, how far is it, 15 minutes? Not even that, drive over to Redondo, set your df to LAX, drop off there and then find your favorite neighborhood (I'm thinking Culver City!)
Listen duck Tedgey I think that heat done smacked you in your lil ducky head of yours. On a good day LBC is 30 mins... Horrible 1.5 to 2! You fowl mouthed webbed crony...
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