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I drive from time to time when i'm bored and need something to do. But I ride a lot more than I drive and I always trip my driver and im usually curb side unless the weather is a mess and I am usually at the door.

The other day I was in the lobby looking at my uber car coming to pick me up. He was still 2 minutes away, so I stayed in the lobby because it was raining. I get a text saying your uber driver has arrived but my uber app still says he is 2 minutes away. So I say what the heck and walk outside which is a couple feet away.

When I enter the car I noticed that the trip has already started. I never start trips before the pax enter the car. I couldn't even question him on it because he was a deaf driver. I don't feel the need to contact uber about some change but it does bring to ask a question.

When do you start your trip? When you reach the location? When Pax enter the car?
I start it once I'm sure I don't want to cancel. Generally that's once everyone is in and I'm sure rider # 5 and 6 are not about to appear or the pax act like idiots immediately.

However there is nothing wrong with starting a trip as the pax is getting in and he may have started it as he saw you walking up so that he could see the destination and not waste time getting moving.

He may have been waiting longer than you think. As a driver you should know the app lags all the time. Just because it didn't show his car there doesn't mean he wasn't.

If I ever found myself desperately needing an uber and had no cash to tip I would call the driver and tell him to start the trip on his way there and/or after the trip to put the bill up and make up a little for no tip. As a driver I don't see how at the low rates you can be upset about an extra few cents quite honestly.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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