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What's your stratagy for doing Uber?

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What hours do you work, what's your target market, what's your results? What have you tried that does not work? What does?
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You might find this post helpful. It describes what doesn't work and how to figure out what does.

It depends on your market really - how many people use Uber in your area and how many drivers there are.

I Uber out in the far SW burbs of Chicago. Uber is not huge out here, but it's growing. As a whole, you get a different type of PAX out here vs in In the city, you can make a halfway decent income and justify not having a car because public transit is readily available, and services are generally within walking distance (Grocery store, restaurants, bars, liquor stores, vets, doctors, etc..) Out in the far SW burbs, the PAX seem to be different. Outside of "bar hours", I pick up a lot of people coming from / going to lower income areas. These people just plain don't have cars, likely because they can't afford them. I get some rides home from work, but I also get some longer rides out of it too - people want to go into the city and they'll just take an Uber - those are the rides that tend to pay well.

So in my market, if I have a free night, I decide whether or not I'm going to Uber that night. If I do decide to Uber, I will go online and hang out at home. I have started to avoid some longer distances to PAX, usually over 15 minutes unless I'm really bored or trying to meet a goal/referral bonus. I will hang out near the destination after dropping of the PAX for 10-15 minutes and wait for a ping, and kill time by surfing on my tablet or something and then head home with the app off. If It's not too late, I'll go online once again when I'm home until my cutoff time. Usually I'll get 1-2 rides being logged in from 8-10P, and they have proven to have enough $30 or so fares to make it worth my while.

Bar hours are an entirely different beast - pings come in nonstop practically, but the rides tend to be short or involve a lot of driving to get to some PAX deep in a residential area.
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