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Yesterday about 10 am took a woman to urgent care who had stumbled at the convention center.

Along the way it was great to see the cosplayers out around 10 am.

+ the anime girls
+ the blue avatards
+ Wonder Woman
+ Midget Trump walking around giving some big dude a shoulder ride

No Star Wars or Star Trek that I saw though.

(Then of course, near Olive and Denny, we got to see Butt Naked Dude dancing up the street tapping every pole around with his pack of cigarettes. As my rider said, the dudes who are butt naked are never the dudes anyone would want to see butt naked.)

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I killed it with Pax pax actually. I kept getting ones with hotels up north. Gave a group of Canadians a ride to their Shoreline hotel both Friday AND Saturday night by random chance. But my best was a lovely bunch of Taiwanese people going to their hotel in Lynnwood at 100% PT on a plus ride... That was a nice $110 bucks :)

Most of mine weren't dressed all cool or anything, but their money still spends just fine!
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