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What would you do?

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There is a wings place in my area that hands out a lot of deliveries.
Yesterday lunch, I went in, waited 15 minutes, 2 minutes at a time, and in the end, apparently, they didn't even give me all the food.
The customer said, that's it? I was expecting more.
I said, I'm sorry, that is all the gave me. You should call in. He said he certainly would.

I started getting suspicious that something would happen.
Yep! Unprofessional conduct, rating went from 100% to 99%.

This place has given me a thumbs down before, as well as a thumbs up.
The owner, depending on his mood, will stand around and chit chat with me, or ignore me completely.

What would you do?

1. Just not accept any more pings from there
2. Accept a ping, go in and let them know that you are never going back, and cancel?
3. Swallow it, shut up, and keep picking up from there.
4. Other?
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If you get a lot of deliveries from them and only one shitty experience, I'd give them a second chance.
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That's why I've only blacklisted a couple up here. McD's, KFC, and one pub that usually isn't ready for 15-20 minutes after I arrive but always say it's almost ready to keep me from leaving.
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You bring up an excellent point! I repeatedly have told them. And not just this restaurnat. All of them. Just tell me it won't be ready for another 10-15 minutes, I'll cancel and someone else will be assigned to the delivery.

Why then do they continue to just lie? Does it somehow count against them if you cancel?
I'm not sure. I deliver for Skip the Dishes and they don't penalize for much compared to what I've seen on here about other delivery companies. I've only gotten free food once in over a year of delivering though and about a 90% tip rate. After reading on here about the other companies I think Skip is far superior but the pay has gone down some since I started.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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