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So I'm STILL dealing with this "fraudulent activity on your account" nonsense, it's been 12 days and I STILL can't access the "instant pay" portion of Uber.

I've called a half a dozen times on it, and still nothing has been resolved. They've supposedly filed 2 appeals and nothing.

US told me earlier that i had a lot of cancellations in a short amount of time and that Uber deemed it "I wasnt being sincere in attempts to pick up", which is incorrect and actually the 3rd different explanation they've given me in regards to it. I can still pick up pax, just cant access the "instant pay" tab to transfer it to my uber card and then get the cash.

Im pretty much screwed i think at this point with the IP thing, but not 100% sure, as this has never happened to me before & they refuse to give me a straight answer.

Can anyone suggest what i can do? Is it basically their way of telling me i no longer will have instant pay with them, as thats crucial to me driving for them.

What should i do? Im tired of dealing with this issue. I havent picked up one pax since this has happened.

Should i go to a greenlight hub and talk to them, am i wasting my time?

It said it was going to be in my account on the 7th, and it's still not working.

I'm broke and rely on instant pay to buy gas, food, etc.

So I'm seriously at a loss as to what i should do?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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