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I recently had an issue where 2 drunk pax left a cell phone in my car. Luckily, they were calling it, trying to locate it before I left the lot. They were still in the lot and I was able to flag them down to return the phone to them. The next day the female pax calls asking if I found her boyfriend's phone and if I still have it. They were a little too unfiltered on the ride for me to feel comfortable calling her back from my personal number (I had taken a few pax since then so couldn't call through the 310 number) so I asked what to do under the help option post-trip. The responder, James, said he would tell my pax that I found their item and asked if he was allowed to give them my personal number so I could coordinate the return! Now if these people really lost their phone from the parking lot to the door, they probably think I took it and kept it! After putting all of this in the follow up survey about James's service, I haven't heard a peep on how to proceed. Is this the norm?
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