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There's 2 laws that someone can be charged with for not paying a taxi fare...

Hiring vehicle with intent to defraud
Defrauding an innkeeper

I have seen the police threaten people defrauding an Inn keeper (this law specifically covers not paying for a hotel stay, dine and dash at a restaurant.

Neither one of these fits 100% However the threat of getting charged has yet to make someone not pony up something. At the very least it compels the customer to leave something valuable enough to hold as collateral until they pay off their cab fare.

What i have always done in these cases is give them the choice of giving me a working cell phone to hold at the companies lost and or found until they pay what they owe, or anything you can hawk at a pawnshop. One time I accepted a high school kids tablet as collateral when they told me that they couldn't pay but really needed a ride. (Mall of Millennia to Longwood) Took them home and they were able to get their mom to come out and pay me.



Call the cops on them for Hiring a vehicle w/ intent to defraud.

These are the legal options you have, completely 100% in compliance with Orlando/Osceola county ordinances and Florida state law.

What *NOT* to do.

Agree to come back the next day to get paid.
Get their number and let them call you to come get the money,
Hold their bank/credit card or ID until they pay, or purse/wallet/passport
(I can't beleive i'm about to write this)
Steal random things from their lawn

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I've had it happen to me 2x recently. Usually the best course of action is to just leave and not waste anymore time.

Most recently was an elderly lady whose card kept getting declined. I didn't give her any crap , just asked her to pay me later. If I ever see her again it's cash up front.

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I thought the charge is "theft of service".
Durp i was thinking of something this idiot did when i was stationed at Ft. Knox when i was in the army,
Out there the defrauding an innkeeper included taxis. It was worded to the effect to include restaraunts hotels, taxis and limos. It was also misdemeanor as long as you didn't use violence.

In florida it's theft your right, looked it up.

I may have told a customer or two to pay up or i'll call the cops to get them charged with that... not that matters, the cops will write it up for the right thing, threats have a stronger power behind them. Theft of services sounds better,

Either way you can call the cops and they will write up the correct thing to arrest someone for, or to threaten to arrest someone for.
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