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Uber and lyft created a lot of jobs
I work for them almost a year.
I feel sad and tired.
Because I really don't make a lot money.
Everybody make money but not the drivers.
1.price are so cheap
2.commission way to high uber lyft total 36%-37%
3.surge prime time not east to get
4.a lot of short trips
5.traffic bad day time.
6.a lot drunk people night time
I think I have to find a different job.
Uber pool gett deal=*******
Lyft line=only long distance
Last thing is [email protected]@K UBER
[email protected]@K UBER CEO
You make us work work work for nothing.
We never buy a house never buy a new car.
In the morning from the manhattan to JFK I make less than $30
From jfk a lot uber pool sucker
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