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I do my best to treat people the way I want to be treated. What goes around comes around.

Early in my career I brought a 21 year old girl to a rental car place. It was 11 miles away from her dorm. We talked about the distance and wondered why it was in such an odd location.

Instead of just dropping the girl off and leaving I waited until she was certain that she was going to get her car. I didn't want to just leave her there in case the person behind the counter decided not to give her a car because she did just turned 21 the week before. She gave me a $5 tip.

I took 3 college kids to a destination where they were going hiking. It was about a $20 trip. When I got there I said to them you guys are not going to be able to get an Uber up here to get home. I gave them my phone number and said if you can't get an uber call so you won't be stranded. They did need to call me and I drove back to pick them up. They didn't tip me but I didn't mind because uber tells them not to tip.

I picked up one girl to take her to a doctor's appointment a half an hour away from her home. It is in a rural place where Uber is not heavily used. She asked me if I thought she'd be able to get an Uber home. I said I was just about to take lunch before I got her ride so I would wait there and take lunch and I gave her my phone number so she could text me when she was ready to go home.
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