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What happen when pax change destination?

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I was riding Uber yesterday with a colleague. I requested a ride from Manhattan to town1 in westchester, up front pricing was $200 (huge surge because train was suspended), when we arrived town1, I changed the destination to town2 (where my colleague lives), which is less than 5 miles away from town1. When the trip ends, total fare we paid was $350...

Now I understand when pax change destination, upfront pricing basically hold no more, and the trip is charged by time and distance, probably with the surge rate at the time of initial ride request applied? What I should have done is let the 1st portion of the ride finish and re-request a new trip? And when this happen, what does uber pay driver? I imagine not a fraction of the upfront pricing anymore but a fraction of the time/distance based fare?
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You are correct in all of your assumptions. This is the single biggest way riders get nasty surprises when it comes to the bill. You would think Uber would recalculate on-the-fly and let riders know the updated cost being a tech company and all but.... You also must bear a shred of responsibility here however. Uber now offers a "multiple stop" feature, so if you had properly planned the trip upfront, you would have received an accurate upfront pricing quote.

It would have been in your best interest financially to request another ride at the first destination, assuming town1 is not in the boonies and there are no Uber cars there. In fact, this is a common scam riders do to drivers to get them to end the trip and then say "wait wait wait!" and try to request a new ride without surge or offer to pay cash. Friendly reminder to drivers - do not get in the habit of ending a trip until all riders have exited and closed all the doors (then lock them and drive away).
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