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The "order not ready" is irrelevant to the "customer." I think it's more for Uber to calculate wait times. SPEAKING OF! Everyone know about the "extended wait time compensation"? Times vary by city but after 15 minutes in my city I can submit the info to Uber & it's an extra $5. Comes in handy for those minimum fares with no tip. I usually stick around for these. I've found that when canceling instead of waiting I'm driving to the next pick up and spending musty as much or more time en route. When I wait even on a minimum fare its that much plus the $5. Wait time to qualify used to be 10 minutes. I was making an easy $15-$25 extra a week then. Little tougher now unless you get those dann late night McDonald's drive thru pick ups. Uber on my friends...
I was told that there was no wait fee for UberEats, even when I went to the hub for something and asked them. But, I usually go ahead and wait, cause it usually takes that long to go to the next place, so I might as well not waste my gas.
Anyway, another drive told me about the $5 thing on Father's Day, and I used it twice that day, and I got the $5 both times along with a message that I should in the future ask the restaurant to keep me updated about the time (like they would rather me give up and cancel and not have to pay the next driver the $5 I suppose).
I mean, you go to the stupid hub, and they don't tell you stuff.
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