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What a difference a week makes...

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July 4th weekend, i worked roughly 2.5 of the 3 day shore guarantee and had a nice $850 weekend..and on Friday of that weekend i spent last 3 hours watching netflix..
This past weekend? ZILCH.. ZERO. There was practically no surge on Uber (i didnt chexk lyft) and what surges i did see were nowhere near usual rates. So F it i didnt turn a rideshare wheel with Uber..i just cant justify .85 a mile in my head.. and $4 fares...makes me angry lol.. BUT..I have thought about trying to just take ALL pings as an experiment for a weekend and post my results here. Everything from miles driven, $ spent on gas, etc. Just to really see how bad it would be.. dunno if i will do it, i might feel like an idiot the whole weekend and end up drinking my "profits" away lol..
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The 45 minutes before sundown on Fridays in Lakewood is just like bar closing except no drunks, no hot women and all $4 trips.
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