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Ahhh. Im not THAT interested anymore.. gonna stick to surge or nada..
Occasionally there is a day or 2 that just trying it out won't hurt. Take my Sunday for instance, after all was said and done I earned about $19.50 per hour, not bad for part time and all my rides except 1 were at the 85 cent rate. Did get pulled into Point from South Amboy and received a trip from Point to Howell. Used about 1/2 tank of gas. I know there will be people ripping into this and analyzing, not interested in those comments. Just going to say that some days are better than others, and during a time where I was not doing anything, I decided to turn the app on and enjoy the day. Just to be open and honest, I hate the 85 cent rates, but for the times I drive I don't have much of an option.

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