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Wells Fargo Tournament - rules?

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Has anyone seen any instructions for the Wells Fargo Tournament this week?
Last year they had Glen Eagles closes at Park Rd.
Also, there was no way to sit in the lot.
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For me the Wells Fargo Week was great. My earnings were from Tuesday to Sunday, from around 3pm until as late as 3am on Friday and Sunday. On app a total of just under 46 hours. Earned $1,300 including CASH tips and 1 Cleaning Fee. See attached file showing Uber Report on this info.
That looks like a pretty good week for a driver? Depending on your car mileage and number of miles you put on it, I would estimate your actual earnings were between $850-$950 after expenses. That would still give you an hourly rate of $19-$20 per hour. To bad these types of weeks are so infrequent.

You may want to consider stating your "earnings" amounts after you calculate and deduct your expenses. You tell too many people and pax will end up thinking Uber drivers make a lot of money (no tips) and others will end up signing up to drive (more ants).
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