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Wells Fargo Tournament - rules?

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Has anyone seen any instructions for the Wells Fargo Tournament this week?
Last year they had Glen Eagles closes at Park Rd.
Also, there was no way to sit in the lot.
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Same this year. Access via Quail Hollow Rd only. No access from Park Rd and no waiting lot.
Drivers are corraled into 4 lanes that merge into 2 lanes at pickup spot. Riders must come out of the crowd to find you. It seems to work OK.
It might save some time if the rider meets you on Glen Eagles Dr before you enter the pickup spot but if you miss each other, it could be a problem because there's no good place to pull over and wait.
You have to pick up within the Quail Hollow Club. I picked up a rider on Rosemary Lane, walking distance from the club, and FUber denied the $5 promotion. @@@@ cheapass FUber
I missed it all this weekend! Wonder how it went with all the rain. Betting there was a lot of muddy feet.
Yeah, the lot was muddy and the floor mats needed to be cleaned. The tournamount was halted twice on Saturday and once on Sunday due to rain and lightning. They finished a few hours late, around 8pm. Uber surge was typically flaky from $3, briefly up to $10, of course followed quickly down to $0.
For me the Wells Fargo Week was great. My earnings were from Tuesday to Sunday, from around 3pm until as late as 3am on Friday and Sunday. On app a total of just under 46 hours. Earned $1,300 including CASH tips and 1 Cleaning Fee.
Tell us about the cleaning fee!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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