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As I post these I am even more and more convinced that there is something else at work with the Lyft matching algorithm. I run both apps evenly, and my Ignore criteria is the same on both apps for the most part.


Jan 15th thru 21st

Uber 53
Lyft 74

In app tippers (not $)
Uber 15
Lyft 28

Cash tippers (not $)
Uber 1
Lyft 1

Surges at 50% or greater
NONE on either

Paid cancellations
Uber 3
Lyft 1

Accept & Cancel ratings
Uber 77% & 5%
Lyft 75%

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Hey Mista T, what specifically are you referring to regarding the Lyft matching?

Weekly stats Jan 15-21

Did not work Saturday or Sunday

Approx 40 hrs with both apps running. 73 rides combined. One off-app ride for family. Averaged almost $11/ride, includes all tips.

4.9 rating--same as previous
19 rides with 0 Line
0 paid cancellation fees
8 in app tippers
1 cash tipper
47% Lyft riders tipped
0 PT or Bonus ride
95% AR -- and I'm still getting the low acceptance rating message with each ping.

4.93 rating--no change from previous
54 rides with 0 Pool
4 paid cancellations
11 in app tippers
2 cash tippers
24% Uber riders tipped
0 Surge or Boost rides
94% A/R
6% cxl rate

0 Simultaneous pings

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The matching....

Maybe its just me. I have long stated that my uber:lyft ratio is about 1:1. During Peak hours it is less on lyft, but throughout the week that ratio holds up. This week my ratio was almost 2:3 in favor of Lyft. How is that possible? Many other drivers have a much higher Uber ratio. My "Lyft luck" isnt just this week, i seem to get a lot more lyft than uber frequently. But why?????

Either Uber is shafting me, or Lyft is favoring me, or I am an ongoing statistical anomaly. I have pondered various reasons over the last year, and have some ideas why, but there is no way to confirm anything.

Ask me at the meeting tomorrow, i will share my ideas on why it may be, and you guys can give me your thoughts and input.
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